Bandman is free for 60 days
No tricks. No gimmicks. Just 2 months of tyre-kicking.
Get discounts for bringing your friends and rewards for paying early!
Too easy...

Most websites have confusing plans with features disabled til you pay for the privilege.

We offer a trial period instead so you can make sure you love us!

$50 /year

Unlimited events
Unlimited members
No advertising
Great referral rewards
100 credits for subscribing early!

Take your time!

Our groups have had their quiet spells, so we've given you heaps of time to try us out.

So come in and play. We'll reward you for spreading the word too!


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What are the payment options?

Bandman exclusively uses Stripe to handle transactions; one of the most secure and feature-rich online transaction providers. They guarantee your safety and security, and they provide us some great tools we can use to make your experience second-to-none.

What do I need to subscribe?

We've made it as easy as possible to get started. Just tell us who you are and a little about your group. It's as simple as that! Unlike other sites, we don't ask for any payment details up front. Just pay sometime during your trial - pay early to get rewarded with 200 free text credits!

What's this about referral rewards?

We think you'll love Bandman and that you’ll know others who will too. Give your friends your username to use when they sign up. You’ll get $10 off your next renewal, they'll get 100 free credits; you can receive this discount up to five times a year for a free 12 months.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! We’re pretty sure you won’t, but you won't pay another cent if do. Plus we'll keep your account active 'til your next payment was due. If you want to rejoin we'll charge you a huge admin fee... Just kidding! You can sign up again whenever you want.