About our messaging

We know that the best way to get someone's availability is to send a text message. Email just doesn't cut it sometimes. You can easily message your entire group when you add an event, or just send ad-hoc messages as needed. Plus Bandman can notify you via text or email when availabilities are received.

How does it work then?

Bandman provides choices for how and when messages are sent. Have a time-critical event coming up? Send out a text to all members at a click of a button and receive a text for each and every reply. Have room to breathe? Send an email and receive a text once all availabilities are in. You can customise this per event!

What does all this cost?

See the tables below for our message pack prices. We've built Bandman so we can chop and change service providers if prices fluctuate, and we're pretty happy with the prices we can provide! We pass on costs cent for cent. One message (to an Aussie mobile) uses one credit. We recently dropped our base rate by 2c a message!

100 credits
8 cents per credit
Perfect to get you started
500 credits
7.5 cents per credit
Great cost and value
1000 credits
7 cents per credit
Most popular
5000 credits
6.5 cents per credit
Best value!
To save everyone additional costs, messages sent by Bandman come from +1 408 898 4890. When Australian mobile rates are more affordable we'll move to a more local number!